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  • Applespider
    Aug 15, 01:48 PM
    The Expos� in Spaces screenshot is wild...

    And agree with Chundles that until we see ALL of Leopard's features listed, there's no way you can make a valid purchase decision on it.

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  • mlrproducts
    Jul 28, 08:51 AM
    Why doesn't everyone copy the AACs from all of their iTunes purchasing friends. Have those friends authorize that machine, and then go buy a ZOOM or whatever. Let MS scan for purchased tracks, and then pay $100's in licensing fees for the one purchased zoon. Then, pass the zuun onto a friend so they can do the same.

    Only available once? Resell on eBay and at least that is 1 less new one being purchased and produced. (Plus then THEY'LL be pissed they can't get all their itunes songs in zuun format for free, haha!)

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  • cantthinkofone
    Apr 24, 12:19 PM
    That is a dude not a girl.

    Hard to believe everybody just stood around and let those girls assault him like that. As far as the seizure....that looks fake as all get out. I have seen a person have a seizure and it was no way near that violent.

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  • NoNothing
    Mar 29, 01:53 PM
    The 3GS was quite a bump from the 3G. Anyone thinking/claiming otherwise has never owned a 3GS.

    An iPhone "4S" would still be quite an upgrade over the iPhone 4, even if it is just more ram and an A5 chip (with a much better SGX543-MP2 GPU). And it would still very much be the iPhone 5 as in 5th Generation iPhone. Just like the iPhone 3GS was the 3rd generation iPhone to the iPhone 3G's 2nd generation status.

    How about an "iPhone 4G S"? It is 4G for "HSPA+/LTE" and "S" for "Speed". That would ge consistent with the "iPhone 3G", and "iPhone 3G S" names.

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  • ciTiger
    Apr 13, 02:05 PM
    any chance for apple shaped tv? ;)

    right... lol

    If an Apple display is 1000 $ i can only imagine how expensive this one will be...

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  • milbournosphere
    Apr 28, 05:09 PM
    This is one of those threads that enforces the Apple fanboi stereotype. It's 1mm. That's it. Steve Jobs is not out to kill your children anymore than he is to fleece you on your white iPhone purchase, and the typical person won't even notice anyway. Can we all move along now?

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  • CJM
    May 3, 07:53 AM
    The IPS tech screens are removed from specs...
    Have they moved to TN panel sinstead...?

    Yeah.. Wtf? Can anyone clarify?

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  • jaduffy108
    Oct 24, 08:46 AM
    against other manufacturer's offerings both spec and pricewise?

    ### Alienware is still significantly better in terms of performance specs. For $2700, you can build an Alienware with RAID HDs, etc. Biggest question for me Apple still underclocking the GPU on the 15" model...??? To me, Apple's MBPs aren't as good as a value as their Mac Pro, but with this update, Apple's "in the ballpark"...and I would get the MBP over the Alienware...assuming Autodesk releases a UB of Maya soon. My two cents...

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  • sixstorm
    Oct 21, 08:17 AM
    My wife and I are going to get 15" MBPs around Christmas time.

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  • FX4568
    Apr 20, 04:22 PM
    Ah, that clears things up a bit.

    But as stated, I'd like to see the power draw for the C2D+320M. Certainly then, in taking out the other power-suckers in the machine, that C2D+320M combo would draw more power than the LV i5 processor alone, would it not?

    Its a difference of 5-10W. Dont remember exactly. might be a little less since its not a full clocked C2D.

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  • gopher
    Jul 31, 12:59 PM
    The Future Shock video here:

    Which was among the Knowledge Navigator videos sounds remarkably like this technology.

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  • mofo-x
    May 3, 07:44 AM
    Intel QuadCore i%? :)

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  • amarcus
    Mar 31, 11:53 AM

    Ugh, traffic lights on that faux leather backdrop!

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  • dongmin
    Aug 15, 03:20 PM
    see a little demo animation for search inside the safari app. that pop-up video flavor, doesn't it??? Stylin...

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  • DewGuy1999
    Sep 14, 07:53 AM
    Disagree about the LP album being even close to good, but I stated that before:rolleyes:

    CD's? That's still just about all I purchase, beside my vinyl collection:D I want a physical copy for everything, and I like to have the artwork, AND get it signed by the artist when I see them live. I also get the ticket and place it behind the CD holder in the case. With my Genelec 1030A's I can tell if it's an MP3 or not:p Now where did the sweet spot between my speakers go again:rolleyes:

    And on top of all that, it's your property to do with as you please...forever.:)

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  • Digitalclips
    Apr 29, 03:00 PM
    considering that amazon sells mp3 format and apple sells their non-universal format, it still doesn't matter to me. Until apple gets real and starts selling MP3s I will continue to buy from amazon. But I guess they don't care.

    You like lossy compression? How 1990's of you.

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  • appleguy123
    Apr 28, 10:27 PM
    Intell, why did you make me commit suicide? I was just starting to feel that my life was going somewhere... :(

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  • ChrisA
    Dec 4, 11:45 AM
    iAdware apparently works by silently installing a system library. That sounds like a vulnerability that Apple could easily fix, by requiring Admin privileges, issuing a warning, and/or prompting for an Admin password.

    Seems easy for an end user to fix it himself. Simply change permision on the library so a non-admin can't write there. About four clicks and you're done with it.

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  • Stanjara
    Apr 15, 01:26 PM
    I have installed 4.3.2 on 3gs and it is...nice...i mean the home screen animations are smoother.... don't have any issues with the battery.....everything is....nice
    4.3 was terrible...home screen icons and animations were jerky...some bugs with safari...e to 3g was long and sometimes resulting in network lost
    4.3.1 was a little bugs just slow animations

    P.s. if you have battery issues, it is not because of ios is from your settings because when you restore to your phone the settings are also the problem remains...try to kill ping with restrictions...also try to recreate your email accounts...push to off...notifications also off...

    Also try ipod settings eq off...and i have specified my carrier...its not automatic

    Oct 21, 08:17 AM
    My wife and I are going to get 15" MBPs around Christmas time.

    Apr 14, 09:14 AM
    What makes you think you can call people stupid???

    If you paid hundreds of dollars for a hack job that voided your warranty that's now rumored to be made obsolete by a free offering from Apple, you'd lose it too :D

    Aug 20, 06:22 AM
    do you need to have a zillion gigabites free to use time machine in a decent way?

    for example, if you have a 1 gigabite film, and u delete it 'putting it in the trash, and empty trash', it's still going to be on your hard drive, taking up space, right? and will it also save your cookies, bookmarks, deleted programs,

    i rarely delete stuff by i hope this can be turned off, and won't interrupt much of my normal workflow, the way things are deleted now.

    You can turn Time-Machine off

    Jul 21, 11:10 AM

    As long as Apple doesn't grow too fast, this is great news. Get to Gateway in the next few years, and I'll be happy. Just don't grow too big, Apple.

    Few years? How about next month or TOMORROW?! :p

    Apr 15, 02:16 AM
    I believe that it isn't suggesting anything at all. When you go to list the devices that your application is compatible with, that is likely just an exposed extra field for if you wanted to include another device that is capable. It is in my opinion, nothing but a little bug. (Though emulating iOS apps om my Mac would be cool :P)

    That's what I'm thinking. I bet the code that generates that list of devices was just cut and pasted from somewhere else and someone got an extra one in there with this mysterious ix.Mac... thing in place as boilerplate code. I bet it means nothing.

    However, if I were told it was indeed a new device and had to take a guess, I'd say it's becoming more and more likely that Apple is going to try to leverage the popularity of iOS to sell more laptops. Imagine a laptop with a touch screen that somehow could lay down flat and switch into an iOS mode, not emulated, but the real thing. Basically, it would be a laptop that could convert into an iPad. I can imagine a lot of interest in a single device that can run both OS X and iOS.

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